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The Unified Deep Sleep System

There are many factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep that are beyond our control.
However, there are 5 factors that we have complete mastery over and these are the 5 components that make up our Unified DeepSleep System.
Hofure is a Singapore company founded by people with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing complete sleep systems.
We know that you won’t get a good night’s sleep unless the 5 pieces of the sleep system — the mattress. the pillow, the bed frame. the linen and the comforter — are perfectly-matched.
That is why we spent so many R&D hours to create our Unified DeepSleep System to completely relax, recharge and refresh your body at the end of your long day.

Born To Fight Overcharging 

We come to work every day with the single-minded purpose of creating and manufacturing high-quality sleep systems that are fairly-priced.
We may not be the cheapest but we are 100% confident that our customers always get what they pay for as we believe in being fair and transparent.
We understand the importance of what we do as our products are used by you 8 hours a day and we want to give you a fantastic price to quality ratio.

What You Buy Is What We Sleep On 

We are first and foremost, Hofure customers.
We test. validate and use Hofure’s Unified DeepSleep System every night.
We believe that if something is not good enough for us, it is definitely not good enough to sell to anyone.
That is why we work so hard on each component in our sleep system to make sure that you get the perfect night’s sleep.
Once you have experienced a Hofure, nothing else will do. Try for yourself at one of our sleeprooms.

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